SQL in Microsoft Access

  14 hours

Microsoft Access - download the data

  14 hours

Advanced SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers for Microsoft SQL Server

  14 hours

SQL in SQL Server

  14 hours

Transact SQL Basic

  14 hours

Transact SQL Advanced

  7 hours

SQL language in MSSQL

  14 hours

T-SQL Fundamentals with SQL Server Training Course

  14 hours

MS 20764C:Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure

  35 hours

VBA For Access & Excel

  21 hours

Access - Data Base Designing

  21 hours

Access Advanced

  21 hours

Access Intermediate

  14 hours

Access - podstawy

  14 hours

Big Data Storage Solution - NoSQL

  14 hours

HBase for Developers

  21 hours

Scylla Database

  21 hours

Riak: Build Applications with High Data Accuracy

  14 hours

OrientDB for Developers

  14 hours

A Practical Introduction to NoSQL Databases

  28 hours

Big Data & Database Systems Fundamentals

  14 hours

Pivotal Greenplum for Developers

  21 hours


  28 hours

SQL For Data Science and Data Analysis

  14 hours

Data Analysis with MongoDB Aggregation Framework

  14 hours

SQL Advanced level for Analysts

  21 hours

Business Intelligence in MS SQL Server 2008

  14 hours

Developing in SQL Server Business Intelligence

  35 hours

Business Intelligence with SSAS

  14 hours

Data Management

  35 hours

MarkLogic Server

  14 hours

SAP ASE for Database Administrators

  28 hours

kdb+ and q: Analyze Time Series Data

  21 hours

KDB+/Q/Python Financial Data Ananlysis

  21 hours

Top 4 Linux/Unix Servers - DNS,Web,Mail and Database

  28 hours

Developing Desktop Applications with Visual Studio 2012, VB.NET and SQL Server 2012

  21 hours

Administration with Powershell

  35 hours

MongoDB for Administrators

  14 hours

MongoDB for Developers

  14 hours

MongoDB for Advanced Users

  14 hours

MongoDB for Analysts

  14 hours

MongoDB Advanced Administrator

  14 hours

Administrating Percona Server for MongoDB

  7 hours

Percona Server dla MySQL

  14 hours

MongoDB for Python Developers

  14 hours

PostgreSQL with Python

  21 hours

MERN Fullstack Development

  14 hours

FARM (FastAPI, React, and MongoDB) Full Stack Development

  14 hours

Building REST APIs with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

  14 hours

Administering in Microsoft SQL Server

  21 hours

Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 (MSSQL)

  14 hours

MS SQL Server 2016

  14 hours

Learning SQL with Microsoft SQL Server

  21 hours

Database Administration Fundamentals for MS SQL Server

  35 hours

MS 20761 : Querying Data with Transact SQL

  35 hours

Introduction to SQL Databases (10985CC)

  21 hours

Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure (authorized training course MS 20764)

  35 hours

Provisioning SQL Databases (authorized training course MS 20765)

  35 hours

Administering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Databases (authorized training course MS 20462)

  35 hours

Introduction to SQL Databases (szkolenie autoryzowane 10985-C)

  21 hours

Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016 (szkolenie autoryzowane 10986-B)

  21 hours

DP-080T00: Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL

  14 hours

MySQL Database Administration

  14 hours

MySQL Administration

  28 hours

MySQL / Galera

  21 hours

MariaDB Database Administration

  14 hours

MariaDB Galera Cluster Administration

  21 hours

Advanced MariaDB for High Availability and Performance

  28 hours


  14 hours

Python in Data Science

  35 hours

Oracle 11g - Application Tuning - Workshop

  28 hours

Oracle 12c database administration

  28 hours

Oracle 18c Migration Strategy

  14 hours

Migrating to Oracle Web Forms

  14 hours

Oracle PaaS

  14 hours

Oracle Database 21c Administration

  28 hours

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM)

  28 hours

Oracle Database 19c: Clusterware Administration Workshop

  28 hours

Oracle Database 19c: RAC Administration Workshop

  35 hours

Oracle SQL Intermediate - Data Extraction

  14 hours

Migrating Oracle to Azure SQL or PostgreSQL

  7 hours

PostgreSQL Administration and Development

  28 hours

PostgreSQL for Administrators - 2 Days

  14 hours

PostgreSQL for Developers

  14 hours

PostgreSQL Administration, Optimization and Replication

  35 hours

PostgreSQL Essentials

  14 hours

PostgreSQL Advanced DBA

  14 hours

Implementing High Availability in PostgreSQL

  7 hours

PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

  14 hours

PostgreSQL 13 for Developers and Administrators

  21 hours

Data Analysis with SQL, Python and Spotfire

  14 hours

Data Analysis with SQL, Python, and Tableau

  14 hours

Flockdb: A Simple Graph Database for Social Media

  7 hours


  14 hours

Getting Started with DM7

  21 hours

Aerospike for Developers

  14 hours

Redis for High Availability and Performance Training Course

  21 hours

Redis for Developers and System Administrators

  14 hours

Fundamentals of Cassandra DB

  21 hours

Cassandra for Developers

  21 hours

Cassandra Administration

  14 hours

Cassandra for Developers - Bespoke

  21 hours

Apache Cassandra 4.0

  14 hours

Blazegraph: Creating a Graph Database Application

  21 hours

Administering Trafodion

  14 hours

Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus

  7 hours

Prometheus Fundamentals

  14 hours

Angular with Firebase and Firestore

  14 hours

Firebase Fundamentals

  14 hours

Serverless Cloud Based Mobile and Web Development with Firebase

  28 hours

Berkeley DB for Developers

  21 hours

Managing Memcached Servers

  7 hours

SequoiaDB for Administrators

  14 hours

Apache CouchDB for Developers

  14 hours

Database Logic Migration

  7 hours

Flyway for Database Migrations

  7 hours

Flyway for Continuous Database Delivery

  14 hours

Flyway from Intermediate to Advanced

  14 hours

Building Interactive Applications with React, Redux and GraphQL

  28 hours

React, Relay, and GraphQL

  14 hours

GraphQL Basics

  7 hours

Advanced Node Application Development With GraphQL

  21 hours

Beyond the Relational Database: Neo4j

  21 hours

Building Graph Databases with Neo4j AuraDB

  14 hours

Presto for Data Science

  14 hours

Mastering LINQ with C#

  14 hours

Introduction to Graph Computing

  28 hours

Hypertable: Deploy a BigTable Like Database

  14 hours

Voldemort: Setting Up A Key-Value Distributed Data Store

  14 hours

ApsaraCache for Developers

  14 hours

ApsaraCache for Administrators

  14 hours

Change Data Capture (CDC) with Debezium

  14 hours

Distributed Data Processing and Storage with Hazelcast

  14 hours

NoSQL Database with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

  14 hours

Hasura GraphQL Engine

  14 hours

Developing Applications with Oracle Application Express (APEX)

  21 hours

MongoDB Atlas Fundamentals

  14 hours

SQLite Fundamentals

  14 hours

ClickHouse Fundamentals

  14 hours

knowledge and translations

Jan Maksymowski [Oracle 11g - Język SQL dla administratorów - warsztaty]

I liked the examples and the way he explained.

Sandeep Parashar [VBA For Access & Excel]

The explanation way and including tips on the best practices in VBA/Access, encouraging via exercise to think more by ourselves on how to solve the problem rather than giving ready solutions.

Daria Rudin [VBA For Access & Excel]

Tamil was exceptionally patient and very helpful in figuring out solutions to real needs. He was also very honest about if he didn't know something from the top of his head, which enabled us to quickly jump on in the training and we didn't lose time.

Christine Weiler [VBA For Access & Excel]

Substantive preparation, attention to detail

Sebastian Łubik [SQL Fundamentals]

I really liked the monitoring.

Ling Xiao [MongoDB for Administrators]

Very high competence of the trainer!!.

Heino Eilers [Oracle 11g - Programming with PL / SQL I - Workshops]

I mostly liked the good content and exercises.

Richard Smallwood [MongoDB for Administrators]

Complete knowledge of the lecturer.

Bogusław Stanek [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

A lot of exercises with different levels of difficulty and individual approach of the trainer to each participant

Agnieszka Cybula [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

I generally was benefit from the open mind and communication.

Oleksiy Deliyev [MongoDB for Developers]

It is difficult to assess the very consistent training. Everything was liked

Damian Ostrega [Oracle 11g - Strojenie Aplikacji - warsztaty]

I genuinely enjoyed the trainer Subject Knowledge.

Julian Pirau [PostgreSQL for Administrators]

Interaction with the teacher, the opportunity to ask hot questions

Grzegorz Ziegert [Administration with Powershell]

A large number of exercises

Wojciech Kozioł [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

individual and patient approach to each question / problem and understandable explanation / translation / solution

Grzegorz Krzeczek [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Possibility to ask questions, adjust the pace to the needs, focus on those elements that from the participants' point of view are the most interesting / needed / difficult.

Aleksandra Wójtowicz [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Communicativeness, broad subject knowledge, openness to questions beyond the training program

Michał Woźny [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Quality of training, and explanation of approach methods to issues

Blazej Baron [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

Trainer provided some topic and support it with plenty of exercises. We had a chance to apply knowledge by doing them on our own.

UBS Business Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o. [Oracle SQL Intermediate]

A professional and accessible way of transferring knowledge and assistance during training and exercises.

Michal Bialek [Język SQL w bazie danych MySQL]

I enjoyed the access to trainers individual support in resolving exercises.

Tomasz Czornak [Oracle SQL Intermediate]

I enjoyed learning how to maintain the database, and how is the orgenazition of the data.

Jiang Chang [PostgreSQL for Administrators]

A lot of practical examples.

Paweł Miązek [Oracle 11g - Język SQL dla programistów - warsztaty]

Trainer had good practical knowledge about using Cassandra day-to-day at least for development purposes. Catering (snacks, coffee hour) were great 3 days length was good.

Mika Linnanoja [Fundamentals of Cassandra DB]

Good atmosphere during the training.

clovis Nebouet [Oracle 11g - SQL language for developers - Workshop]


Andrzej Kozak [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

I liked the super atmosphere, working with Congo shell.

Jan Sturm [MongoDB for Developers]

Training material was very informative. Learned a lot.

Yaw Asamoah [MariaDB Database Administration]

I really enjoyed the lessons and examples.

Kelly Taylor [MariaDB Database Administration]

He adapted to the experience of the group, gave us great value for a beginners course.

Rich Mickey [MariaDB Database Administration]

commitment of the teacher

Sylwia Żokowska [Access - projektowanie baz danych]

I liked the way of conducting the training the most. It was not carried out too quickly, and in a way that everyone could write down everything and learn.

Agnieszka Grzywa [Access - projektowanie baz danych]

The structure and pace of the class was great.

David Lacy [MongoDB for Administrators]

The depth of the Congo db training was explored from basic to advanced, I felt it was a little too much to squeeze into 2 days but I did get exposure to all aspects of Congo db.

Bay Sayarath [MongoDB for Administrators]

I liked that the course was relevant to our need.

Damon Grube [MongoDB for Administrators]

Most of the hands-on stuff was good.

Andrew Bauer [MongoDB for Administrators]

I genuinely liked that there was no pressure.

Eyal Wirsansky [MongoDB for Administrators]

The training started for the early beginners, so everybody could get to know what all is about.

Amanda Dzida [Access - podstawy]

Contact the trainer with the participants and the ability to explain even complex issues.

Paweł Malerz [Access - podstawy]

Adjusting the training to my needs

Paulina Jeziorska [Access - podstawy]

The pace and level of training adapted to the participants, help in case of problems, detailed answers to all questions.

Aneta Ługowska [Access - podstawy]

The pace of training, structure

Katarzyna Kempińska [Access - podstawy]

I liked everything he taught.

Emily Zhou [PostgreSQL for Administrators]

all the time the trainer made sure that nobody gets lost and everyone is up to date

Anna Krupa [Access - podstawy]

I really was benefit from the exercises.

Fabrice Limbourg [Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS)]

The thorough / hands-on knowledge the trainer has.

Pieter Peirs [Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS)]


ANNA JAGIEŁKA [Access Basics]

I appreciated Folio's wide breadth of knowledge. Not only was he familiar with the course content, but he also knew of constructs in languages we were familiar with to make examples more meaningful to us. During intervals he shared his knowledge of technologies and solutions outside the training scope to provide insights into other solutions we could use in future (and future training).

Raphael Keymer - Markit Valuations Limited [Developing Desktop Applications with Visual Studio 2012, VB.NET and SQL Server 2012]

Enjoyed the pace, delivery and technical know how of the trainer.

Junaid Kalang [MariaDB Database Administration]

Very in depth knowledge on the subject matter. No “I'll have to look into that and get back to you, just new it all”.

David Marshall [PostgreSQL Administration and Development]

individual approach to each participant and the desire to solve every problem that arose during the tasks

Judyta Kozłowska [Access - podstawy]

Life examples, experience, deep knowledge about the operation of the database and configuration options.

Łukasz Picur [PostgreSQL Administration]

The trainer, he was knowledgeable, engaging, and easy to learn from. He encouraged a lot of hands-on learning.

Shawn McAndrew [SQL Fundamentals]

It was addressed to the specific topics and questions

Jürgen Demant [MariaDB Datenbankverwaltung]

I like fact, that after each section we had exercises. It helps to remember discussed topic.

Adam Bińczycki [Oracle 11g - SQL language for developers - Workshop]

Knowledge of the lecturer

Paweł Dybowski [Advanced SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers for Microsoft SQL Server]

very interactive

Martin Seidler [MariaDB Datenbankverwaltung]

Knowledge of the trainer ok. After improving the improvement, I would choose the trainer again.

Michał Komarnicki [ORACLE SQL Fundamentals]

I learned a LOOOOOT.

Kamil Szmid [SQL Fundamentals]

sql works even if I don't know why

Dominik Gardo [SQL Fundamentals]

Topics approached. Very complete.

Carlos Eloi Barros [Cassandra for Developers]

The last exercise was very good.

José Monteiro [Cassandra for Developers]

I already using and have an application in production with Cassandra so mostly of the topics i already know but the data modeling and advanced topics are a lot interesting.

Tiago Costa [Cassandra for Developers]

There was a lot of knowledge and material shared that will help me to do my current tasks.

Miguel Fernandes [Cassandra for Developers]

I liked the amount of exercises. We could immediately apply the knowledge shared and ensure the information was on point.

Joana Pereira [Cassandra for Developers]

I liked all technical explanation and theoretical introduction.

André Santos [Cassandra for Developers]

I enjoyed the very good explanations with in depth examples.

Rui Magalhaes [Cassandra for Developers]

The practical exercises and examples of implementing examples of real models and contexts.

Leandro Gomes [Cassandra for Developers]

A wide knowledge of the trainer and commitment, the ability to be interested in the topic.

Michał Komarnicki [Oracle 11g - Programowanie w PL/SQL - wprowadzenie]

individual approach of the trainer to people participating in the training

Wojciech Gądzikiewicz [SQL Fundamentals]

exercises (tasks) to be carried out, examples from the professional experience of the trainer

Tomasz Niewiadomski [Oracle 11g - Programowanie w PL/SQL I - warsztaty]

Showing how well-known mechanisms are performed on the database side, e.g. they are processed in memory

Marcin Czerwiec [Oracle 11g - Programowanie w PL/SQL I - warsztaty]

The training was perfectly prepared, I liked the way of running based on real-time examples with a detailed discussion of the impact of individual instructions on the database.

Joanna Dymarczyk [Oracle 11g - Programowanie w PL/SQL I - warsztaty]

adapting the material to the knowledge, interests and needs of the interested; a small group of trainers helped in learning more quickly; nice way of conducting, trivia, conversation

Łukasz Madej [SQL in Microsoft Access]

I liked that the course was tailored to cover our organizations questions.

Robin Bell [MongoDB for Administrators]

The clear depth of knowledge the trainer had, which really shone when combined with his evident enthusiasm for the subject.

Joseph Brailsford [MongoDB for Administrators]

Even though I have been using MongoDB for a while, there were still some new “basic” things that Tamil taught us - as well as teaching us the advanced topics we need to move our projects forwards.

Adam McKay [MongoDB for Administrators]

MAGDALENA KOPCZYŃSKA [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

a lot of exercise

Łukasz Dziewiński [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Commitment and passion of the trainer ☺. And with the problem of managing backupmi, Joby.

Krzysztof Klockowski [Administracja bazą danych Microsoft SQL Server]

A lot of different exercises.

Celina Gromadzka [MS Access - poziom średniozaawansowany]

practical examples

Anita Sępkowska [MS Access - poziom średniozaawansowany]

I enjoyed the attention to detail, knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject.

Bristol City Council [Advanced SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers for Microsoft SQL Server]

The 1:1 style meant the training was tailored to my individual needs.

Andy McGuigan [Cassandra Administration]

TRENER has a practical insight, which greatly facilitates the possibility of answering purely practical issues

Krzysztof Goździk [MongoDB for Developers]

The ability to ask questions at any time and the more informal / less structured style. This allowed us to pursue the areas of knowledge we were most interested in.

Jim Lane [Transact SQL Advanced]

tempo of classes, flexibility as to the content of the training related to the expectations of users

Karol [SQL Fundamentals]

Pace, explanation of issues from a completely different angle. Something that explains how everything works from the server side

P4 Sp. z o.o. [SQL Fundamentals]

number of issues covered

P4 Sp. z o.o. [SQL Fundamentals]

adaptation to the needs of the participants, very good exploration of the discussed tasks, comprehensive answers to the asked question

Marcin Gołdyn [SQL Fundamentals]

Work on a physical database.

P4 Sp. z o.o. [SQL Fundamentals]

adapting to the needs of the listeners, analyzing the problems they report

P4 Sp. z o.o. [SQL Fundamentals]

I genuinely liked the explanations.

Lowe's [MongoDB for Administrators]

I genuinely was benefit from the training knowledge and mechanic.

Sutiipong Bumlungvech [Redis for Developers and System Administrators]

Flexibility to blend in with Automata related details to get more of a real world scenario as we went on.

Autodata Ltd [Beyond the relational database: neo4j]

Exercises on functions!

WIktor Paprzycki [SQL Advanced level for Analysts ]

way of translation

Małgorzata Mieczkowska [SQL Advanced level for Analysts ]


Wiktor Paprzycki [SQL Advanced level for Analysts ]

examples, openness of the trainer

INTERNATIONAL PAPER POLSKA [Język SQL w bazie danych Oracle]

Other regions in Slovakia


Database Consulting