Course Outline


  • Overview of ChatGPT
  • GPT models and ChatGPT applications
  • Setting up the environment

ChatGPT Business Use Cases

  • ChatGPT for live coding
  • Building, optimizing, and scaling business with ChatGPT
  • Social media management with ChatGPT
  • Advanced SEO
  • Language translation and scripts
  • ChatGPT code generation and debugging
  • Content creation

ChatGPT Web Application Development

  • Web development architecture
  • Building backend server
  • Database setup
  • Database update
  • Routing
  • Coding and debugging

GPT Models and Pre-processing

  • Data preparation
  • Model architecture
  • Hyperparameter tuning

Integration and Deployment

  • Creating a serverless ChatGPT
  • Outlook integration
  • Power automate integration
  • Bubble integration
  • Airtable integration
  • Power apps integration
  • Deploying on cloud platforms

ChatGPT Real-world Applications

  • Working with GPT-3 and OpenAI API
  • Building and deploying GPT-3 applications
  • Building and deploying ChatGPT AI applications
  • Building a website and creating a landing page with ChatGPT

Best Practices

Summary and Next Steps


  • Knowledge of chatbots and application development


  • Developers
  • Programmers
 14 Hours

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