Course Outline


Overview of Java 11 Features and Architecture

  • Key components
  • API features

Installing the Java Development Kit (JDK)

  • Version-string format
  • Using a configuration file
  • Directory structure of JDK 11

Migrating From an Older Version to Java 11

  • Updating third-party libraries
  • Running jdeps on code

Exploring Changes in Java 11

  • HTTP client implementation
  • New methods for collections, optionals, and streams

Executing the Java Shell Tool (JShell)

  • Command-line execution
  • Starting and stopping JShell

Creating Applications in Java

  • Creating projects, packages, and classes
  • Running the main method

Executing a Java Program

  • Source and class directories
  • Compiling the source code

Storing Information Using Java Variables

  • Java syntax and data types
  • Variable types and actions

Working With Text Using Java String

  • Creating a string
  • Text blocks
  • Manipulating strings and text

Performing Variable Operations in Java 11

  • Loops and conditions
  • Java arrays
  • Calling methods

Managing Java Classes and Interfaces

  • Inheritance
  • Nested and abstract classes
  • Java interface

Packaging an Application Using a Java Module

  • Running a Java module
  • Module services


Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of basic computing concepts
  • A general understanding of programming concepts


  • Programmers
  • Developers
 14 Hours

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